Touched Dante retouches the lines of the Divine Comedy

 In that surreal setting of plague-infested Florence, Dante finds the strength to wake up to retouch the verses of hell. No adverse fate in Florence! The Arno is the river of bees and butterflies. Other than Acheron. I would like to overturn every fate and every imaginary as long as the pains of my people are alleviated, he hopes. Can history be rewritten? Hell is that modernity that has made not only Florence but humanity as a whole fragile and here is the reference to poets. The luminaries therefore wander in search of the antidote or the arcane verse. Who knows?

Title: Touched Dante retouches the lines of the Divine Comedy

Did none of you tell you about the flames of winter?

Of the cold wind that descends impetuously like winter

Freezing hearts and pushing away any hug

No hives and even the sweetest honey!

It can change fate and ease grievances

Florence is a flame that burns like ice!

Thus it was that Dante woke up overwhelmed ...

What did I imagine he said touching his face!

The masks are for hell and hell ...

The plague has invaded my Florence

And the horror went beyond the imagination

Give me back an inkwell and a new pin

Now I rewrite the play and change the verse

To my people no adverse fate

The Arno is the river of butterflies and bees

In the middle he walked! Of our mountain

The dark forest, what a thing lasts!

Now I hear and see his every bite

"Now if you are that Virgil and that source! 81