Dante's Metamorphosis into Virgil. Orpheus and the bees ... Poeme

 We left in front of the desolation and the plague that has taken over the city of Florence. Places have in their inspiration the strength to evoke myths and symbols and in so doing they return to that mythological and supernatural dimension that infected people lack. 

Obviously, this power  does not belong to everyone but only to our luminaries. Suddenly Dante, who reappeared in front of the four, sees the character Virgilian in Orpheus. But at the same time he thinks it was him who created it. Virgilio, Virgilio to what Orpheus I resemble? It is a game of words and mirrors where the word has a metamorphic power. The Virgilian Orpheus, poet and indomitable hero could not help himself and turned around. But the gods were merciless as they are in the Florentine today where the plague reigns ... But will Virgil be able to rewrite the story of him and Dante to discover the lost verse?

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Title: Dante's Metamorphosis into Virgil. Orpheus and the bees ...

Virgil, Virgil what Orpheus do I look like?

Dante recited this verse and looked this time ...

Won't you be the deluded Orpheus who turns around returning?

Or have you learned from your mistake in centuries of exile?

Now you are in the hell of adverse creatures

And your Eurydice is a lost verse ...

An antidote, an enigma never woven!

Which will bring all the lost bees back to Aristeo ...

And Shakespeare and Descartes both said

If Virgil…, the poet of Rome heard you!

O Dante! Would you have ever met Ulysses?

If only your Aristeo sacrificed his ox ...

In Florence there was a death of bees!

Orpheus exclaimed and it's time to think ...

How to get back every lost hive

But for God's sake, what a headache!

Pegasus amused, listened restlessly

And he asked: who among us will be happy in hell?

Orpheus, Orpheus is Virgil himself ...

What immortal poet does not thunder!

Love wins everything and we give in,

to the beloved face reflected in the psalm ...

Dante was moved by his crown

O poet, everything goes away and comes together ...

The epidemic will be defeated by reason

Concluded Descartes, evoking the other crown

Friends of the changing verse we are the alchemists

It will be the enchanting verse to brighten up sad days