Florence as Troy, poem 15 - Saga Shakespeare and Orpheus

 Fleeting, fleeting are the happy days. Here the verses and faces of the poets travel with the speed of light. Dante who imagined Virgil for a moment was enchanted and eventually returned to the secrets of his grave. But what is it and where to find the lost verse? He always leaves from hell to gradually reach heaven. Hell is nothing more than the precipice where the infected and the wretched of this land end up and our luminaries know it well. The dramas of this world are many and infinite and require strength and solidarity to match the horror they cause. Florence without bees and butterflies, desolate and bleak, deserted and melancholy despite its immense heritage. It is an evil spell that has a precise explanation and the four masters must find it at any cost, just as Aeneas somehow found happy days in Virgil's imagination and a homeland worthy of his dreams, beautiful and promising. In Rome said Pegasus, in Rome ...

Florence as Troy, poem 15 - Saga Shakespeare and Orpheus

Fleeting, fleeting are the happy days!

they run refleting themselves on magic mirrors

of Dante the most touching verse, o friends!

Let the journey to heaven begins...

O Florence! The four declaimed the association

Reason and poetry will never be enemies

Dante disappeared for now and who knows?

Maybe one day he will emerge from his pit

Orpheus wept for a moment!

He was not his teacher Virgil? the charmer

I think, Shakespeare said, of another author

Where Aeneas returns to refound Florence

And it will be me o luminaries! He said stroking the emblem ...

To recite this heroic poem with you

Now we must go, said the magical horse!

Pegasus knew the cunning verse well

With which all pain and mourning were afflicted in Troy

It leaves and always returns at the crowing of the cock

See you on the next episode