Augustus emerges from the imperial forums and Graces Ovidio- Poem

 While still wandering through the streets of Rome, once full of people, strangers and pilgrims, they took the road that leads straight to the imperial forums. The four luminaries led by Ovid were moved by the beauty and poetry that conceal the vestiges of Ancient Rome. “Here I walked with my courtesans and my mistresses, Ovid repeated, making Shakespeare jealous. "And how many I had in London!" the English poet replied. But Rome is a city of poetry. Its columns, its stones, even its ruins enchant the eyes and the senses. Shakespeare knows this. "What if we Brits had an ounce of this dazzling beauty?" he too repeated in the silence of that surreal atmosphere. The plague does not overcome poetry and Augustus who knows Ovid well, having exiled him for a love verse ... Poetry o friends! Quiet the wildest beasts. And what about a plague that rages but ignores the love that triumphs over death and over all evil. “Only one verse of yours or Ovid! Said the emperor. The hidden verse flashed in the minds of the four luminaries, each of which is the depositary but whose composition is yet to be told ...

Title: Augustus emerges from the imperial forums and Grazia Ovidio

And while guided by Ovid, they reached the imperial forums

The ruins and the majestic Colosseum could be glimpsed

What a beautiful metamorphosis! He praised Orpheus with emotion

And Shakespeare added: they are surreal scenarios ...

What if my London had an ounce of this beauty?

Now I understand why you Romans don't fold ...

Suddenly Augustus appeared without his armies:

My breath is enough to return to ancient greatness

Augustus, Augustus, Ovid exclaimed

And he replied, have you returned from exile?

Yes, yes, the Roman Senate has revoked your sentence!

But it would have done better to deal with the plague!

The Romans die not only of the plague but also of indifference ...

Now we need a new victory like that of the Piave

And Ovid excited by his speech hailed him with "Ave, ave!"

Who better than you, o Caesar, can lead the ship?

If the rudder is now in the wrong hands ...,

and your plague colonies encircled?

Ovid, Augusto said, I think you have the key

This new war will not be won with my armies

But with your sweet verse that heals haunted souls

And the emperor laughed, making people move in the grave atmosphere

Even the stones and columns still adorned

To you all majesty, O Augustus to you…!