J'Accuse the algerian foreign policy towords Morocco - A letter to the President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria


To his Excellency the President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria




I have the honor to write this letter to you hoping to your country and to the Algerian people peace, progress and prosperity. In truth, the idea of ​​addressing myself to you might seem pure "absurdity" when no one since 1975, when the Western Sahara crisis divided our two countries by a wall which shamefully and dramatically separates the two countries, brothers by history, religion, language and culture, has not succeeded in convincing you to engage in a peace process which would lead to a dignified and equitable solution of the dispute. But, in reality, it is madness and courage that get people talking. People are afraid and still disappointed that for forty-six years nothing has changed on your side. You continue to support with your finances the idea, now defeated by the evolution of the conflict, of the creation of a Saharan republic in southern Morocco, whereas it never existed before. You rely instrumentally on the principle of self-determination, while this same principle aims, in the minds of those who created and developed it, to further divide our peoples who have lived for centuries united and united by Arab-Islamic culture and civilization. What would the founding of such a republic add to our chessboard? The Saharan tribes that you maintain in your home in Tindouf, which was also once part of the Moroccan Empire, did they not one day wonder if their ancestors would have lived happier than them in the desert, while the idea of ​​freedom and sovereignty were once measured by other parameters. This same Sahara with its shifting dunes has always been their homeland and the idea of ​​seeing it become a theater where brothers kill each other is a shame and an unforgivable absurdity. This is all absurd, Mr. President. These conflicts have been rooted in our lands and our minds by Western colonialists who continue to work endlessly and in subtle ways to keep the dispute unresolved. It would serve their interests better. Now is the time for you to stop and think deeply about the gravity and consequences of this stalemate and closure that characterizes our region, as the Corona virus pandemic has ravaged our economies and finances. Which personnel and which governments would be able to face the crisis without having to admit the irreversible nature of the damage. The arms race in our region is another danger no less serious than the pandemic. What have we done? What have we done to alleviate the suffering of our people? What have we done to improve their economic, social and political conditions. When I think about Ceuta and Melilla and the Moroccan islands still colonized by Spain in northern Morocco, I think of the great war in Algeria and the support you received from the Moroccan people to defeat it. Don't the flags displayed in these occupied places give you that same feeling of freedom that you nurture with regard to the Polisario? Have you ever thought that a border between our two countries is a reflection of the level of our intelligence, when the wall erected is quite simply an antihistoric and undemocratic work. Creating others would bring our region into dire straits. The solution proposed by Morocco on the dispute is more than reasonable. Believe me I am completely impartial when I tell you this. The concession of broad autonomy guaranteed by the United Nations represents a democratic victory for the Saharan tribes. Remember what I told you about the principle of self-determination and their ancestors. In short, sovereignty is in the Union and not in the divisions that Algerian governments have supported so far. The defense of the rights of the Maghreb peoples could only occur within this framework of the spirit of understanding and cooperation, abandoned in favor of an absurd and ruinous litigation, which we urge you to inaugurate with the appointment of your new first Minister Mr. Aïmen Benabderrahmane. Let a new course of history take place in Algeria and Morocco. Remember, you who lead both in Algiers and in Rabat, that you represent for our peoples this hope and this wish for peace, freedom and fraternity expected until now. Only great men make and change history.


Please accept the expression of my highest consideration, Mr. President of the Algerian Republic.