metaphor, poem


My heart, when frail is the light

When in difficult times

The afflicted men surrendered

To their pitiless ordeals

Serve them sky veils

Where poison mixes with honey

 Strange and warlike snitches

The Black Death will ravage your refuges

Like once the great floods

The time will come when the steel will melt

Run, run like the wolves

Hide like rats in holes

On the Coliseums of Ukraine by a thousand

Sing, isn't it hell?

where brothers go to war

And the devil built himself a new lever

Its carnages are nevertheless blessed!

Go back to your nests...

But the stars are horrified in your place

Prepare them sails for hell

That I am of a murderous lucidity...

My heart, what hearts of ice!

In the world where no one can shine

Hope without a future