Missing my heart

Missing my heart 

Berthe Morissot- La femme de l'impressionisme

My heart misses your every caress

Every hug ever given, every time you cross the threshold

O my beloved creature always naked!

Of love, while your youth runs

With you I came back and with you I left

And I will leave every time and every hour

Love feeds and sparks for you

Like an ever-living sun

I imagined you, a thousand identical mornings and evenings

And when anger and rage clouded me

After…, I transformed like grains of sand

Which in the wind make up a thousand tiles on the dunes

Alone, in the day, alone at night and in infinite silence

fatal distance; my every emotion

it is closeness to your every gasp and bitterness

If my heart rejoiced in all this?

By my side, whole in purity!

From the shadows I look at you, supported

And your room is the favorite sun

 And then, forever, my sadness

This anguish that rises inside the breast

If only I could calm down?

Hamid Misk