Before evry thing, sparkle...

And for that  invent evry light

More subtle and imperceptible than the air

Without feeling remorse


It is not wrong to distinguish sometimes

Choose between the vaguest shades

Nothing more than to vary the shine

Every hour, my friends, his excitement


 These are flashing eyes that close

And still open trembling with desire

To each ray its day of martyrdom

As to every suffering, an end!


Cause we read in the hues

An alphabet to learn like a language

O this secret language whose apprenticeship!

Lifts the heart from every embrace


Light, rays that take you away...

And the time that afflicts all chastisement

How many shards lose their sparkle

Don't you want to remain a dead letter ?


Sprinkle your moons with dark drops

Let them rest to see again

The nuances that we could not see

Any certainty likes to be doubted...


Who will talk about this art of clarity?

Which blind artist will compose colors?

For our poor crying eyes

Every salute to its milky way


How much darkness chased away, incessantly

By digging skylights

To blink with joy is to write verses

Of nuanced love like a lover