Note from day 31 on the Jabalia refugee camp massacre

Note from day 31 on the Jabalia refugee camp massacre, Netanyahu's army commits war crimes

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An entire neighborhood of the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza was razed by bombs dropped by Israeli F16s. Over 400 victims including children, women and defenseless civilians. What chivalry! But do these Jewish knights of the air sleep peacefully? Once upon a time there was an ethic of war and the knights respected the rules and the civilians, today these Israeli pilots who fly undisturbed over the skies of Gaza, without Palestinian anti-aircraft, because they don't have any, aim well, sipping a coke, and perhaps doing of laughter, to kill Palestinian women and children. They are cowards and murderers worse than the Nazis. Indeed, the Nazis, in their barbarism as Jewish historians recount, did not do this and were, compared to the violence of today's massacres of Tel-Aviv in Gaza, more respectful of civilians. What did these Jews learn from the Shoah that they force European people to celebrate every year, under penalty of punishment? Sooner or later there will be a punishment. The barbarities committed, permitted and tolerated by Western chancelleries, are there for all to see. None of these cowards in government raise their voices because they know that the Jewish lobbies, in some way, will take away their pocket money just as they took away water, electricity, food and medicines from the Palestinians in a collective punishment. You have created the monster that has distorted your pseudo democracy and those who support the new Nazis today are greatly mistaken and are exposing their people to the same destruction and murders that the Palestinians are suffering. I have no other word to describe these barbarians: they are worse than orcs. Finally, those who report these crimes are often confused as radicalized. If telling the truth does this, then we are all radicalized by now. You must take this into account from now on.