J'Accuse of November 3, 2023 the Israeli illusions of a military victory in Gaza. The massacres of Palestinian civilians, the new Nazism that is advancing...

 J'Accuse of November 3, 2023 the Israeli illusions of a military victory in Gaza. The massacres of Palestinian civilians, the new Nazism that is advancing...

La danza dei dervisci, immagine dal libro “Zigzag journeys in the Levant, with a Talmudist story-teller: a spring trip of the Zigzag club through Egypt and the Holy Land” (1885)

J'Accuse live on Facebook on the events in Gaza


October 7 will remain as a milestone in the history of the Jewish state not only for the military and political defeat of its military apparatus, but also for the defeat felt by the entire West, its guarantor and protector. On that day we saw how the desperation and madness hatched and increased in years of isolation and deprivation in Gaza could transform into a lethal boomerang towards those who had for decades ignored, trampled upon, killed and deprived the Palestinians of their historic rights to their land and the recognition due to them, by virtue of United Nations resolutions, systematically ignored by the great Western powers, always in the name of their strategic alliance and their subordination towards the Jewish lobbies that dictate the rules of the game in the United States and in whole world. The subservience of the Western Chancelleries to these powers is clear for all to see and is undeniable. We see it every day in the same misinformation artfully orchestrated to justify the massacres of the Zionist army in Gaza, in the same holding an entire city of defenseless civilians as hostages in the Gaza Strip, subjecting it to bombings never seen even during the Second World War ; we also see it in the same Nazi strategy of depriving it of all supplies, even forcing the Egyptians of the dictator Sisi to leave the Rafah crossing closed, under penalty of being bombed and violating all the rules of the law of war and humanitarian law. This whole apocalyptic scenario is artfully planned by the Jewish general staff to regain that respect and supremacy for its army, which has now gone up in smoke after the events of October 7th. The terrorism we witness in Gaza, however, is not enough to restore to Israel that illusion of security built over decades of wars and the construction of the "Maginot Lines" and "iron domes", which have collapsed like castles of cards. The truth is so bitter for Israeli leaders. It is a total failure of their political and military strategy to safeguard the security of the Jewish state. It is equally a failure of the free and democratic West which is unable to detach its umbilical cord from the "political monster" that it had created in decades of wars and oppression against the Middle Eastern peoples, demonizing Islam and making Islamophobia was his weapon to discredit and tarnish an entire civilization that had characterized not only the African and Asian continents but Europe itself. The attack inflicted on the Arab world, following the fall of the Berlin Wall (Iraq, with the Kuwait affair) and after the Arab Spring (Egypt, Libya and Syria), with the pretense of the cancellation of all the so-called rogue regimes ( Islamic, Muslim Brotherhood, or dictatorial) hostile to its policies, has led to a decisive weakening of the same and a new redistribution of the balance of power in the Middle Eastern region: political and military recolonization of the Arab Gulf countries, through the their anchoring in the American capitalist and industrial system. Distortion of those feudal monarchies through political pressure aimed at making them sign a separate peace with Israel (Abraham Accords), ignoring even the existence of the Palestinians. Peace in the mind of those who plan the future in the West must ignore the rights holders and credit the thieves of the destinies of the nations. Same scenario on the Western front where the vassal Sisi even refuses to open the Rafah crossing to let humanitarian aid pass to the Palestinian civilian population exhausted after 10,000 Israeli bombs launched with 10,000 dead and 24,000 injured. In this tragic context it is clear why the dictator Sisi hated Hamas so much. He knows well that the real president of Egypt was Morsi, who he himself accused of having had subversive plans with Hamas itself. He knows well that the Muslim brothers are on his tail. Sisi despises Palestinians as much as Israelis. Falsehood and duplicity reside precisely in those discourses that ignore the truth of the images that reach us from Gaza. He is no longer moved by such carnage. The monstrosity of men is limitless. Those who look today at these massacres carried out in the name of Israel's security know that this country is building its own moat. The arrogance and inhumanity of his characters is worthy of a horror film. Precisely the horror that does not awaken the consciences of our peoples, because they are kept asleep, afraid and even lost. The only glow that can be glimpsed is that of the bombs, hypersonic missiles and drones. For us to mourn Gaza, to shout our anger to the sky, to look at the fires caused by bombs as if they were fires set in our hearts. We must draw the necessary courage from those fires to make a change in our destiny, exactly as the dervishes danced around the fire before facing the enemy.