J'Accuse of Thursday 30 November, from the geometric power and workers' struggles of the 70s to the government of precepts, familism and favoritism

At the time of geometric power, the working class was combative and divided according to the ideals and aspirations that its members nourished in that delicate and complex context of the Cold War. This division was also synonymous with freedom and political and cultural pluralism. It was dictated not only by ideological and political factors, but also encouraged by the capitalist system of the time and provided attractive social and remunerative promotions to the latter to prevent the growth of communist parties which would have brought the two most important countries of continental Europe closer together ( France and Italy) to the then Soviet bloc. It was a strategy to stem the advance of communism. Alongside these two components, there was a part of the same class that had decided on another strategy in the country's factories to defeat its political and class enemies. But it was precisely that dissuasive system based on the improvement of the standard of living and a gradual social and economic promotion of the working class, adopted in an instrumental and temporary way as we will see, that ultimately proved effective in defeating the subversion and armed struggle of the workers. Nowadays we have this heavy historical memory behind us with all its symbolism and myths, but it seems that we have learned nothing from our history. It seems that the world has gone backwards rather than forwards, breaking those utopias and symmetries that had once inflamed it. And we see this involution started with the fall of the Berlin Wall, which came as a cold shower for those who dreamed of establishing a perfect and just world, overturning social and class inequalities. During the years following the fall of the Wall, we witnessed those operations of dismantling of acquired social and economic rights which, in fact, were granted on a temporary basis, like the so-called fixed-term contracts introduced later, to contain the advance of the class factory Girl. I won't go and list them one by one but I think that the fact of guaranteeing a standard of living (a rather magical formula for the master classes), quite decent for the latter produced its benefits, but as already observed, they were entirely illusory. Nowadays, after the globalization of the economy that began over two decades ago, the precariousness suffered by the working classes of the generations following that of the "Geometric Power" (Job Act) and the national, ethnic and political wars that had characterized both the European continent ( wars in the Balkans which always remain a powder keg), the pandemic with its load of social and economic miseries, the latest war in Ukraine and finally the everlasting Arab-Israeli conflict (current Gaza war 2023), we have a social and catastrophic economic situation characterized by the growth of poverty, by the substantial decline in the purchasing power of families due to the increases in prices which have occurred due to decisions of our governments which have involved themselves in a fratricidal war between Russians and Ukrainians, instead of promoting peace, by the continuous precariousness of the world of work at the hands of these classist, anti-democratic and populist right-wingers who, moreover, have established themselves in power almost everywhere on the European continent. The refusal to adopt the minimum wage, which is not a standard of living, let's remember, the dismantling of the citizen's income for the unemployed and poor working classes, the attack on the right to strike made by Minister Salvini with the threats of injunction, the The halt in the fight against tax evasion and the non-taxation of the assets and income of the banks all speak volumes about the repressive and masterly matrix of these right-wing parties which are now in government of the country, at the service of the strong and supranational powers. We are therefore faced with a systematic dispossession of rights and it is up to the working class, as it was for that of the decades following the Second World War, to establish the tools of struggle and the lines to adopt to defend its rights. The national Democratic party does not represent them, because it is bourgeois and subservient to the interests of the ruling class. The class struggle has never ended, on the contrary it has accentuated exponentially due to all those aforementioned measures. National unions need to do more these days. What they do is not enough in light of the inaction and timidity demonstrated today during the Israeli aggression against the civilian and working population of Gaza. But one of the main faults lies precisely in the information system of our country (RAI is occupied by the parties) which certainly does not help to spread a culture of rights and respect among citizens but is and remains centered