J'Accuse on the ethical issue arising from the Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza and the moral question of the atrocities allowed


J'Accuse on the ethical issue arising from the Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza


Yesterday in an interview President Biden focused on the war in Gaza and said  in one of his statements that: "...the atrocities committed against the civilian population by the Israeli army pose a serious moral question for Western democracies and in particular for who considers himself the leader among them. The violations of human rights, the collective punishment decreed by Tel-Aviv against the people of Gaza is a barbarism never seen or heard in the history of wars to date. This places the White House in the position of supporting a state such as the outlaw, killer of civilians and oppressor Jewish one . If there were no Arab satellite television and social media, all these crimes would never have come to light in a West that is completely aligned with Israeli propaganda. The pure and raw truth, the one we see through the enormous sacrifices of the journalists in Gaza, at the service of satellite television, who are also killed by the Zionists, together with their families, is irrefutable and tells us that precisely that moral question that Biden talks about, is compromising "so-called" democracies with Israel's war crimes. Precisely this complicity which translates into political and military support for the Jewish state has revealed, and I would say stripped the West naked, putting its brutalities in the mirror: is infact the real dictatorship in truth? Who imposes oppression and carnage on other peoples? Who deprives the Palestinians of their centuries-old rights to their lands? Who armed and continues to arm an outlaw state that feels like a leader in the world and above international law and that ultimately not even a president like Biden can stop?