J'Accuse of Friday 26 January 2024 on Remembrance Day in the year of the genocide of the Palestinian people

 J'Accuse of Friday 26 January 2024 on Remembrance Day in the year of the genocide of the Palestinian people

An impartial and deep reflection on the Shoah is more necessary than ever, in light of another war of extermination between Palestinians and Israelis. We are clearly faced with a new GENOCIDE AND we must draw the consequent and appropriate political, ethical and historical considerations. Certainly no moral code and no political order, democratic or dictatorial, whatever its origin, would ever be approved without suffering the infamous accusations in front of the courts of earth and history. The extermination of the Jewish people, for those millions of civilians torn from their homes, their lands and their loved ones to end up in Nazi and fascist concentration camps, was generated by the madness of the Second World War, a war waged between European nations over  hegemonic, political and economic issues. That madness consisted in dissolving the enemy, the "other different" in order to take possession of what he had: lands on the border, colonies, mines, accumulated wealth. In that damned war Jews, gypsies, Russians, Arabs and Africans ended up in the meat grinder of those who, like Hitler and Mussolini, had plans of destruction to repopulate Europe and bring it to racial purity as was stated in his Mein kampf, perhaps it would have been a subsequent phase to the African continent and the Middle East. The wheel of history, however, escaped the Nazi-fascist dictatorships, thanks to the decisive intervention of the United States of America, a country then aspiring to dominate, spread democracy throughout the world and lead people to self-determination. It was truly a fairy tale with a tragic beginning and development but with a happy epilogue for the Jews who, in truth, are presented to us by historians from all over the world as the true political and moral winners of the Second World War. Good triumphed over evil, historiographers would say. 

Thus the British gave Palestine to them as was requested by the Zionist movement which settled and took root in the Palestinian lands during the 1920s and 1930s. In short, this was the genesis of the birth of the Palestinian question which had inflamed the Middle Eastern area from 1948 to today. But in light of today's rekindling of the Arab-israelian conflict and the Shoah itself, we cannot help but make the following considerations:

A- that the responsibilities for the Jewish extermination fall on the belligerent European nations, and only on them and that they are the ones who have to compensate the Jews not only on an economic level, but also on a territorial and political level.

B- that the current unconditional support for Israel even when it exterminates the Palestinian civilian population is a shame that falls on the consciences of this incapable, subaltern Europe and once again on the brink of an implosion, due to its internal divisions and contradictions, unmindful about the history of the Shoah itself.

C- That the Palestinians and the Arab nations damaged by decades of interference and conspiracies must, in light of this political and ethical awakening, reconsider the possibility of asking for the compensation due for the faults and crimes of the European governments in the tragic events that characterized their history and I am referring for example to the extermination of the people of Namibia which occurred between 1904 and 1910 by the army of the Kaiser of Germany.

The faults of the fathers, however, are not of the children. The Shoah would regain its historical and moral value to the extent that all genocides were condemned and the rights of those who were stripped of them by force of arms were restored. Only in this way can we avoid repeating the same horrors and the same desire for dissolution of the other. Europe and the United States of America bear the historical responsibility of having betrayed their own democratic principles and the defense and protection of human rights. History will remember that only one country in the entire world like South Africa stood up and shouted to the world the indignation and condemnation of the horror we have and are witnessing in Gaza. No genocide must eclipse the other when human life must be equal and sacred at all times and in all places.


  1. Il Ricordo che solennemente si celebra oggi 27/1, per quanto importante e legittimo, striderà come non mai con quanto sta accadendo sotto gli occhi di tutti. Una passeggiata di unghie su una lavagna


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