The flowers of the underground - poem dedicated to Gaza

The flowers of the underground - poem dedicated to Gaza

 Introduction to the poem

In Dostoevsky's philosophy the underground represents absolute evil; it is the story of a depraved and horribly unhappy world, full of violence and resentment with despicable thoughts and which, despite being aware of what good is, sinks more and more into a state of cold, poisonous evil, decadent values and that same loss of ethics, peace and harmony of society and evryone. In his novel: "Memories from the Underground", he even anticipates Freud with his Theory of the Subconscious. For Fëdor, the Underground is that hidden and dark place from which every forbidden impulse and desire is triggered, without having a precise goal...

 My poem in some way is based on his theory, interpreting the facts of the subsoil of Gaza as a rebirth, "an absurd but necessary acceleration of events", like an exploded volcano to recover times and spaces believed lost forever but which consequently causes even those endowed with reason and those who believe they are the master of reason, time and men themselves to lose their way, dragging them... The Palestinians do not accept to submit despite everything: either live free or die in that Underground symbol of heroism, of resistance to evil which has now conquered every surface, every dome of power and every intellect.

Now in his heroic

Battle for liberation

Wounded every honor!

All praise to the underground

Island of life, oh life!

Hurt by the complicit silence

Of a lost humanity

under the sun, but the heroism…

It has its own sweet warmth

Honor, honor to the underground!

And love of freedom

Where in the tunnels

The grass, the trees and every flower

They pop out of every glow

Bright and beautiful

From the beloved land