Note from May 1st. May 1st Manifesto: Work as an authentic engine of peace and renewal

 Note from May 1st. May 1st Manifesto: Work as an authentic engine of peace and renewal

Bottega di Robert Campin, Pannello destro del Trittico dell’Annunciazione (Pala d’altare Mérode) con San Giuseppe al lavoro nella sua bottega di falegname, 1427-1432, olio su tavola, cm 64 x 27, MET, New York

To the working class, to the work that brings well-being, peace and progress, I wish a May 1st remembering that only manual, intellectual and mental work aimed at bringing benefit and sustenance to human societies is worthy of being called by that name.

In this postmodernity I hear people talking about various ways to have profit and wealth, and I allude to the so-called third sector, that is, everything that concerns financial activities and income and profit in general that interest rates and financial investments. In my opinion it is an immaterial economy, clearly false as it betrays the authentic value of work and its sacrosanct function of being the true ennobler and promoter of human societies. Through intelligence, physical, mental and intellectual work can restore progress to all humanity, justice in the distribution of wealth and ultimately peace between nations. Nowadays we are witnessing immense conflicts between old and new superpowers seeking to re-establish a balance in the management and redistribution of influences and resources on the planet and this struggle clashes with all the political, financial and military systems that have maintained the balance international to date. We are also witnessing a retreat, and I dare say an almost annihilation of the working class in its identity as a dynamic class and bearer of social and political renewal, in its political representations which are now imperceptible and replaced by vulgar populist parties which have arrogated to themselves the right to become, an arrogant and masterly way, the representatives of the working class. Faced with this new galloping fascism in its colorful verbal and political forms, which treats migrants, refugees and those who are different in general as inferior and considers them the cause of the crisis of the social and political systems which has affected old Europe, the working class and the world of work, must rediscover the original values ​​that constituted the winning emblems and banners in past centuries. The reconquest of the squares and institutions stormed by the new marches of the new representatives of the strong powers who ridiculously pretend to represent the working class and labor by launching merciful measures in favor of hiring and growth, one might say the bones thrown to the dogs, while social and political inequalities increase day by day. Even the same peace that had held between nations for decades is now under threat, not only because attacks on people are not condemned as happened before in Donbass and Palestine, but attempts are made to spread lies and disinformation to fuel wars. of survival and liberation, functional to the dominant forces and their cruel imperialism. In this dramatic and grim context for the fate of international peace, the absence of the voice of the workers' movements and of the workers' network or international itself is remarkable: it is so within the countries where the populist waves, and the same parties and unions that they claim to represent the Left and the workers, they have aligned themselves with the strong powers and the domes that are at the helm of this social bloc and these tragedies, and which ultimately prevent the democratic dialectic and the social and political confrontation itself and it is international level where the emergence of new regional powers and the awakening of others is leading to direct conflict and the very loss of democratic identity of the West. This is why in my memorable manifesto today I emphasize the distinction between authentic work as I have described it, that is, that which leads to wealth, justice and progress, and other work which produces fictitious, immaterial wealth. , numerical and functional to the system, the result of the financial world in its many speculative activities, which distorts not only social and political balances but also, when translated between nations, governed by financial and banking organisations, daughters of this system, alters the same balances international and ultimately prevents and takes away the hope of those who want to create their own redemption of values, with their work and their own monetary, and I would say political and social, ideas. But the imperialist system itself, in the end, controls it and sanctions it so that this does not happen. In short, what we witness in a single society blocked by classes and by this same system of creating wealth, happens at an international level where everything is controlled and managed by the current dominators. Marx was certainly right when he said: that the historical dynamic is a continuous struggle between the dominated and the dominators.

Long live to the work, long live the working class.