Florence enveloped by the plague between lights and shadows

 Our luminaries decide, encouraged by Marietta to go down to Florence, city of lights and mysteries; of charm and codes to discover: Dante's secret verse is a nagging but fascinating enigma. It depicts a centuries-old history of horror and genius in front of which one cannot gather and reflect. What fate does humanity deserve? Between outbursts and pestilences the human Comedy is endless and with infinite facets and only a mixed genius of science and original literary flair can give it a new rebirth ...

Eleventh poem.
Title: Florence enveloped by the plague between lights and shadows
So we went down bold and proud
In the realm of the cursed underworld
How? how? We luminaries?
Pegasus asked, with a grin!
No Florence can be our bed.
He said still consoled by the sun's rays
And suddenly a light appeared in front of it
Enchanting but at the same time so grim
If there weren't the patrons and the Medici ...
Shakespeare said, Florence, Florence ...
"Where every Middle Ages died out"
And men gave themselves new impulses and codes
Ouch in feeling so much pain my belly aches
Descartes replied: what would I do with this trace?
Deceive myself or try to give her a worthy reading?
The hidden verse exists, it exists like the Arno
Maybe, just admire and look around ...
Every cure is found in the bucolic landscape