What life is beautiful?- Saga the Plague and the revolution

 What life is beautiful?

Sulfur, Shakespeare cried, Sulfur!

They remind me of the London sewers and that bad smell

You can hear it from the altar of the homeland to the palazzaccio ...

Suddenly there was a thud ...

It was the din of the ongoing quarrel ...

Senators drunk not only with power

They looked like magma inside a crater,

while the country cries out for help and help

Ouch! Screamed the poet Orpheus ...

Which of you or friends would embody the eternal values?

If now the country seems the most infected of hells

I would give you to the beasts of the Colosseum

Suddenly the luminaries entered the Chamber

While Pegasus played jokingly to the company! Rotten eggs

Inside the senate of the big bellies.

Stop arguing, the artillery has arrived

How I would like to stay in the orange garden

Away from this pandemonium

Away from this filthy promontory

Finished, no more tipping time!

He intoned Shakespeare and the bribe

Remember the time when life was good!

Tomorrow follows


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