The flowers of your years


The flowers of your years- Poetry


pierre_auguste_renoir_1_Pierre August Renoir. giovane donna che si pettina, 1876

Sara, I hear your voice echoing ...

While you sing in your room

and it's a happy and tender song

which rocks the walls like autumn birds


Your voice reaches my heart ...

and shakes it like waves on the open sea

How beautiful and fleeting youth is!

Marked by your art of glow


 In the silence tinged with shadow and sadness

The bursts of your cries come to me

Love, love I got you!

and wisdom my beautiful princess


I hear your graceful footsteps and the whispers!

Behind the door where the silence echoes ...

My rebel, what have you been? My beloved azure sky

November what have you sculpted on my existence?


 The years are slipping away from us with great speed

Like an iron train tears off every instant!

What a sweet thought! if only this time ...


Returned to us, whatever his dictatorship

Whatever fate was ...

With youth as a feast


And your songs will be our backbone!

If only you knew ...

how my heart beat



And those submissive ears, like a figure

How much this silence sang to me

You who sing now of emotion


 The flowers of your years are so pure

Now I can smell their scent ...

That extends beyond the confines