Rome shrouded in fog - the plague- Saga The Plague and Revolution - Poetry


Rome shrouded in fog - the plague


Augusto left us with a saying of this:

"I will rest only when Rome will shine again"

Immortality is in doing and undertaking…

Any means is good for healing the infected people


So we leave the highest hill,

of Rome, shrouded in a dark fog

It seems that it is sinking into tragedy

Love you, love you like that, with a crazy love!


Ovid sang his verses to the sick city

Shakespeare told us this task

Folks, folks, every remedy seems hidden

But in reality the cure has already been found!


Already found exclaimed Pegasus !

Hurray, cheer we are safe and sound

Remember only your courage will I be able to save you

Said the poet, stop it or horse with your noise!


When we got in front of the senate

An acrid, acrid smell of sulfur

It emanated from such a triumphal arch

We entered and heard a frenzied shouting


Tomorrow follows